The Power of Immunity

A Bottle of Immunity

Because my children have weak immune systems, I decided I needed to find out more about the essential oil Immupower, hoping it could help our immune systems get a little stronger and more able to heal. My youngest has been plagued with every sickness that has come through! I found out it contains 9 oils:
Hyssop- which is blood nourishing
Oregano- high in antioxidants
Clove- extremely potent antioxidant
Idaho tansy- tones the body
Frankincense- increases white blood cell production
Cumin- amplifies immunity
Cistus- gives respiratory support
Ravensara- also a respiratory support
Mountain savory- an immune system booster
I made a roller by putting 4 drops of Immupower in a 4ml bottle and adding jojoba oil (any carrier oil will do). It has a really pungent smell but I rolled it up and down my son’s spine or over his feet every time I thought of it – even hourly if I remembered. The next day his fever was gone and his cough was better than it had been in months. Now we use it daily just to make sure the next sickness doesn’t hook it’s claws in and never let go.

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