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  • Frequencies


    I’m fascinated by the idea that every living thing has its own energy vibrating at different frequencies. Even solid materials like rocks vibrate and have an energy field at the quantum level. We are made up trillions (+) of atoms which produce, emit, and receive energy. Our tissues, cells, even our thoughts, have energy frequencies…

  • In The Beginning

    In The Beginning

    On September 11, 2001, Chad and I had just moved to Portland and were making our way into the city to get an ultrasound for our third child. It had taken us a year to get pregnant with this one, and after two girls, I was excited to find out who would be joining our…

  • The Power of Immunity

    The Power of Immunity

    Because my children have weak immune systems, I decided I needed to find out more about the essential oil Immupower, hoping it could help our immune systems get a little stronger and more able to heal. My youngest has been plagued with every sickness that has come through! I found out it contains 9 oils:Hyssop-…