Light spread across frequencies

I’m fascinated by the idea that every living thing has its own energy vibrating at different frequencies. Even solid materials like rocks vibrate and have an energy field at the quantum level. We are made up trillions (+) of atoms which produce, emit, and receive energy. Our tissues, cells, even our thoughts, have energy frequencies that can effect our health. As do toxins like molds and other allergens.

A healthy human has a frequency of 62 to 68 Hz. If we could just keep our energy at that level, we wouldn’t be able to get cancer or other diseases. We are only receptive to cancer when are frequencies reach 42 Hz or below. Getting lesser illnesses happen a lot easier. Your immune system can be compromised by a short drop to 57-60 Hz. As a side note, we don’t completely lose all energy when we die. Our vibrations continue at around 25 Hz, which promotes the interesting idea that something within us is still alive.

If frequencies are so important, what can we do to keep ours vibrating at a faster speed? It’s like electrical wires bringing light into our homes. If there’s no source of current, there’s no light. Or if the wires aren’t in good condition, they cause fire rather than the expected light.

It should be no surprise then, that raw, whole foods have higher frequencies. Processed food have none. Zero. Zilch. What are we feeding our bodies? Coffee actually has a negative Hz. Just a sip can drop you 14 Hz, which puts you in an immune compromising situation.

Thoughts are another amazing factor. One negative thought can drop our frequencies by 12 Hz. When we catch that thought, and turn it into something more positive, it can only lift us 10 Hz, which means we need more positive thoughts to outweigh the negative. Prayer and meditation raise our energy by 15 Hz, which is no surprise to those who already enjoy the practice.

Essential Oils are another great booster, raising the bodies frequencies anywhere from 52 to 320 Hz depending on the type of oil. One small inhale can raise energy by 15 Hz. Research on how the body’s cells function when given different frequencies is how oils are matched up with the different areas of the body they help most.

So, who knows. If I see anyone tomorrow meditating with oils diffusing and a lunch of raw veggies by their side, I’ll know you are probably vibrating at a good rate.

And more energy is always a good thing.

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