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Welcome to Couple of Cents, a family and personal growth blog where we tackle the business of raising a family. My wife, Ally, and I had five kids way too early, and we barely got through these years in Utah, California, and Texas with our sanity. We’re actually pretty good parents now, and we’re even better spouses. We’re not know-it-alls dispensing our wisdom but we enjoy writing about the things we’re learning we need to do to be happy and successful at home, at work, and in life. We don’t get excited talking about debt elimination or elaborate family activities. We see a lot of blogs that do that really well! We write about the skills to grow a successful family and we’re still finding our voice. We hope you enjoy.

We’re also looking for guest writers!

All you really need to know about Ally and I: We enjoy simple treats together, daily… in Madison, Indiana!

Chad and Ally in Madison, Indiana

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