Facing the Fear of Yourself

An eye within a freeway

One of the most difficult and challenging things to accomplish in life, is to know yourself and then to go on and love yourself. It is anxiety-filled, stressful, and down right uncomfortable. It’s something everybody is drawn not to do. Our body literally builds up a wall when it is scared and feels threatened. We, ourselves, threaten ourselves. We actually are the ones stopping ourselves from achieving success that we are meant to reach.

I recently watched the movie, I Feel Pretty, which urged me to try and write something that could make someone feel good, even if it’s just me. The movie was about a low self-esteem woman who hits her head and now views herself as a completely different, confident woman. What we all want, right? But in the movie, the issue of self worth and bringing other people down is so apparent. We all want to hide our flaws or at least make ourselves feel better by bringing someone else down, but that does nothing but further our discomfort for ourselves. The problem at hand is courage. Are you going to take one day at a time, and choose courage? Are you going to take the deep breath and pull your chin up? The battle is within us. Courage brings confidence, even if you feel you are faking it. I realize that what I am trying to tell you is easier said then done. I get that. But why make excuses when you are the one who has to deal with the consequences? It’s so hard. So hard. To not only let yourself know your flaws and weaknesses, but now to go to school, or to go to work, or even the grocery store, knowing that everybody else will notice something about you that you may not like. I mean, wow. But please, please, just give your strengths a chance. I promise you are more than you think you are.

A tip I can give you is that when you’re having a good, positive day, don’t miss a second of it. Allow yourself to feel great about yourself. But when the day comes when you’re at the mirror looking and doubting yourself, do not forgot that good day. Walk away. It’s hard, but do it. Find something you like about yourself, and never lose sight of it. Walk confidently down the hallway, not letting your flaws slow you down.

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