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  • Depression is Real

    Depression is Real

    My daughter, who was attending college at the time, called me after a particularly trying day to inform me that according to her psychology professor, depression isn’t real. Apparently it can be controlled by changing our perspective of things. I immediately called him a loser under my breath before my daughter reminded me that everyone…

  • The Science of Snuggling

    The Science of Snuggling

    I don’t remember the exact day my husband came home and changed our daily routine. We’d been married for over 15 years and had developed a good working relationship. That particular day he had been researching depression, my lifelong frenemy, and had come upon an article that had shouted out the effects that cuddling can…

  • Postpartum


    I’m pretty sure most girls grow up thinking about their future lives in terms of qualities and quantities. A handsome, dark haired husband with blue eyes. Four children. A well appointed home with a white picket fence. The perfectly suited career that allows you to stay home with your children. We are told to dream;…