Toxins effect us on a cellular level. Because we are unable to keep up with the overload of chemicals we encounter daily, our bodies turn those free radicals into oxidative stress (too many for anti-oxidants to even begin to help). Oxidative stress causes over 200 diseases, including chronic inflammation, depression and anxiety, ADHD and Autism, psoriasis, diabetes, asthma and allergies, cancer, arthritis, and many, many more. Protandim is scientifically proven to activate the Nrf2 protein to produce enzymes capable of neutralizing 1 million free radicals per second per cell. This, in turn, lowers our oxidative stress by an average of 40% in 4 weeks. Not only does that make for a great anti-age solution and metabolism booster, but gives the body what it needs to heal itself. Try the Vitality Stack- that includes the Nrf2 that lowers your oxidative stress; a Probiotic that gets 60% of it’s power into your gut (normal probiotics get only 4% through stomach acid); Omegas with Vitamin D; and Nrf1, which protects your mitochondria and increase their number, which in turn rejuvenates cells, brain function, metabolism, and energy. For more information, go to


Toxins are part of our everyday environment. In order to give our bodies a fighting chance, we need to get more natural in what we use as medicines, cleaning supplies, fragrances, cosmetics, laundry detergent, and soaps. Women alone apply 300 chemicals each day! Essential oils are the most powerful part of a plant, distilled at low temperatures, and used to support every system in the body. At Young Living, not only are the products vigorously tested and the purity assured, but the products range to cover all types of ways to make your environment free of toxins (including all those listed above). Try the Starter Kit – it comes with 12 oils, a diffuser, samples of the cleaner and other products, and a life time of wholesale prices (no monthly strings attached). That’s $350 worth of product for $165!

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