For a midwest state that most people fly over and thinks mainly grows corn, Indiana punches above its weight in terms of higher education. IU, Purdue, and Notre Dame are just the tip of the iceberg. Three lesser well-known schools in the Hoosier state offer high-quality degrees that employers seem to really value. These student-centric schools focus on personalized education and creating strong connections with employers and alumni. It’s been fun having connections to all three!

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology – 2300 Students, A Leader in STEM

My company employs 40+ software engineers in our Carmel office, so we know the tech talent pool landscape fairly well. Some of our best hires have come from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, IN. With a job placement rate of 98%, most with above average tech pay, Rose‑Hulman is a science, technology, engineering and mathematics college whose mission is to give students the world’s best STEM education in an environment of individual attention and support. Rose-Hulman has unique architecture, a cool new student union building, and a clever tagline that fits its personality: “Be part of the equation.”

Wabash College – 900 Students from 32 States, An Academic and Athletic Powerhouse

Wabash is one of only three remaining liberal arts college for men. Located in Crawfordsville, IN, the school prides itself on graduating well-prepared citizens, well-rounded individuals and athletes, and critical thinkers. Where do I sign up my kids? One of my good friends went to Wabash and I can attest he fits at least three of the four descriptions above! With roughly nine hundred students from 32 states and 12 countries and 25 majors, its small campus seems diverse enough despite only having brothern walking the quad. Its indoor track facility is also pretty sweet.

Butler University – 5000 Students, All Basketball Crazy

If Butler was in New York or Boston, it would be revered among the best liberal arts colleges in the nation. It has a beautiful, Ivy league setting, a 97% job placement rate, and a great career center staff I’ve gotten to know! There’s a great vibe to this school. Alumni and local businesses are appreciated. Students love the amenities. And it’s a sports-crazy school. With 20 Division I sports, it’s one of the smallest schools to have reached the NCAA Basketball title game. And it did it twice with star forward Gordon Hayward! Butler is also just 10 minutes from downtown Indy which offers students plenty of things to do when not studying.


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